Overcoming Anger

February 6, 2021
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Joy is our inheritance.

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Anger is a powerful energy.  It can seem very destructive, but it can also be constructive.  Anger can help us to realize that there’s something going on that we need to pay attention to and take care of.

Sometimes an outburst of anger, however unpleasant, can help bring things into the open so the air can be cleared and things can be dealt with.

And sometimes people have anger as a constant.  We can be like a pot on the stove that keeps boiling over because there’s just too much heat.  

I used to feel angry a lot of the time and it was because I had hurts that weren’t healed and I didn’t know how to heal them.  Anger was my defense mechanism.  

I’m so very grateful that my spiritual practice, and my willingness to do the deep inner work, cleared that out so that I don’t have to walk around feeling angry all the time.  

So much healing is possible.

We really can live a joyful life.  

Most people who join my Masterful Living Program tell me that at the beginning of the year they never thought that it would work for them, but they just wanted to try anyway.  By the end of the year many are amazed that they had far more transformation, healing and spiritual expansion than they thought possible in just one year.

The thing is that when we turn to Spirit for healing and put Spirit in charge, then we will succeed.  When we’re trying to figure it out on our own then we’re relying upon the intellect and then we probably will not get the results we’d like.

Healing happens in our heart and radiates out to the rest of our life.

Anger and fear, hurt and doubt can all be dissolved through an active spiritual practice of forgiveness and Love.

We might feel that it won’t work for us, but that doesn’t mean we’re right.  Let’s put Spirit in charge.

We’re walking the talk; we’re living the Love and we’re rising above!

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    We’re Healing the Pain
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