Peace and Faith

February 25, 2021

Let’s let Spirit do the heavy lifting. Our job is to place our faith in Spirit.

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It’s so helpful to realize that in each and every moment we’re placing our faith in something.  The choices are really between placing our trust and faith in Spirit, which is Love, or in our opinions and judgments.

When our faith is placed in Spirit, and we’re willing to keep it there, we’ll come to recognize that Spirit doesn’t fail.  We’ll strengthen that muscle of trust in Spirit, and trust in Love and then we’ll come to know true Peace.

There is no Peace when we place our trust and faith in our opinions, perceptions, judgments and hopes.

That’s because placing our faith in opinions is placing our faith in illusions.  It’s a self-deception.  And that leads to insecurity.

Trusting in our judgements and false beliefs leads to feeling anxious and afraid.

Only learning to trust in Spirit brings that eternal Peace.

For most of us, it takes practice.  

It’s an active practice.  

We can cultivate a peaceful life if we’re willing to place our faith in Spirit.

 We’ll get there, with consistent practice.  It’s so worth it!

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    I Am Not My Body
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