Rising Above Humiliation

February 1, 2021

Hummingbirds are a symbol of Joy!

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Many of us carry shame. It might not be obvious all the time, but it’s there.

Shame comes from judgment.
Shame is the RESULT of judgment.

Shame is often, but not always, the result of someone else judging us in a way that we agree to.

We cannot feel shamed by someone else unless we agree.

Let’s stop agreeing to other people’s judgments.

Here’s how: Other people won’t be judging us, in a way that bothers us, unless we already have the judgment.

I experience people judging me and I don’t like it, but I don’t feel ashamed because their judgments are not true.

They’re none of my business.

If you’d like to get rid of shame get rid of self-judgment and the way to do that is self-forgiveness.

That’s why I teach forgiveness. It’s the #1 best tool we have to set ourselves free.

Are you ready for your Freedom?

We’re walking the talk, we’re living the Love and we’re rising above!

TODAY: We’re doing it again – my 6 Day Challenge to end the self-sabotage of self-medication.  

First day is free! – click here to register now and get some pain relief.

Please join with a friend and let’s get our healing ON!

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