March 24, 2021

Heaven is a choice we make.

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Life has so many ways of letting us know that we’re off track. The #1 thing that we can check is how we feel.

In A Course in Miracles, Jesus tells us that we know if we’re on the stairway to to heaven or the way to hell by how we feel. This is no joke.

When we feel upset we’re out of balance.

We come out of balance when we think attack thoughts.

That’s pretty simple.

No one makes us think attack thoughts. We choose it.

We can choose to go the other way.

Balance is a choice we make.

I love this affirmation: “I’m choosing heaven today.”

Let me remember that heaven is my way. I’m choosing heaven today.
I can love myself enough to stop choosing hell and start choosing heaven.

It’s all about choosing attack thoughts.

Instead of focusing on NOT choosing attack thoughts, let me focus on choosing loving thoughts. I find that so much easier.

Plus, if I keep choosing loving thoughts my whole life heals and changes.

I feel balanced.

If I choose attack thoughts, well, we know what happens. Sigh.

We’re entitled to miracles. A change of mind is a miracle. We’re entitled to healing. We do have to choose it.

I’m choosing heaven today – please join me!

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