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Being A Follower

One of the most fundamental teachings of New Thought [1], which includes A Course in Miracles [2], is that life isn’t happening TO us, it’s happening BY us. And the sooner we take responsibility for our thoughts and words, our beliefs and choices, the sooner we’re going to have a life that we can actually LOVE.

Our willingness [3] is all that’s required.

And that willingness is a hard commodity to come by sometimes.

I remember feeling so strongly that the world was holding me back.
I used to feel that “if only” this or that were different then I could succeed.

It wasn’t until I truly put Spirit in charge of leading the way that things began to change for me.

I discovered that I’m a follower.

I like being a follower.

I don’t like being in charge.
I’d much rather be led.

Being led by Spirit brings an entirely different feeling.
I have a sense of security [4] now because I place my trust and faith [5] in Spirit.
Spirit IS my security.

Are you a follower too?

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