How Do You Do It?

March 17, 2021
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Let’s inspire ourselves with loving kindness!

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How do you live your life? Do you push yourself to do things, motivated by fear of not being enough, or doing enough? Or do you inspire yourself to see how creative you can be.

Do you procrastinate on things to the point where you feel horrible and can’t take it anymore and finally do whatever it is because you cannot stand the tension anymore?

It’s been said that, “the way you do anything is the way you do everything.”

When I first heard that I pushed it away and thought it was ridiculous.

Back in the 90’s when I started writing this blog it began as 365 ways to practice nonviolence. It was in that spiritual practice of nonviolence that I realized that pushing myself and motivating myself with fear was unloving and that inspiring myself with how beautiful life could be was loving.

I made the switch.

I may not always do it perfectly, but it’s been a MASSIVE shift in the quality of my life and days. The shift to living nonviolently in terms of how I relate to myself has been a loving choice that’s inspired me to be more and more self-loving.

Treating myself kindly has made it possible for me to expand my intuition and feel more connected to Spirit.

Little things are not so little sometimes, although they make seem to be small from the outside looking in. A little thing can make a qualitative difference in our lives that tips the balance and changes everything.

What can you do differently today to start a new habit that inspires you or stop an old habit that motivates you with fear?

Let us know in the comments. Please share!

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    No Dirty Feet, Please!
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