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Interrupt That Pattern Now!

Obsessive thinking is more common than most of us realize.

 A lot of us think we’re the only ones who go over and over the same things in our minds obsessively.  This used to be a real challenge [1] for me.  

I’d obsess about trying to figure out what to do about something.

I’d try to understand what every little thing meant and how to come back with the perfect response.

It seems like a lot of people have this kind of mental masturbation happening right now.  Maybe it’s because so many of us are living these very narrow lives in semi-lockdown.  So, there’s not a whole lot going on and it gives us an opportunity [2] to obsess.

I used to have a REAL problem with this, but not much anymore and the reason is I trained myself to interrupt the pattern.

When I feel my energy [3] shifting into being tense I say to myself, “Stop.  Enough, Jennifer.” And I quickly change the topic.  I literally turn my mind to the next thing that’s more interesting than going over the same last thing again.

I also mentally invoke Spirit to cut the ties.

I find that I can call upon Archangel Michael with his sword of Blue Light to the cords of my attachments [4] that are the root cause of the repetitive thinking.  It really works when I do it, and so I’ve learned to do it because it improves the quality of my day immediately and then I feel blessed.

We don’t have to suffer.

We don’t have to go it alone.

Our willingness to interrupt the pattern IS the answered prayer!

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