Me First!

March 5, 2021

We can offer our hand and our heart to lift others up.

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I used to be one of those grudge holders who wouldn’t let go until the other person went first. I wasn’t going to give in to other people easily. I could be tough and outlast anyone else’s anger, hurt or cold shoulder. I could take it to my grave.

It was a MAJOR life change for me to realize that I was only causing my own suffering by holding onto resentments and being withholding. Now, I can see so clearly that when I withhold Love I’m taking myself out of the flow of Love and no one suffers more than I do.

I just don’t wish to hurt myself in that way anymore, and I’m not interested in revenge.

It takes real strength to be able to say, “I’ll go first. I’ll forgive. I’ll put down my attack thoughts and pick up my white flag.”

Being able to go first actually puts me back in to the place of feeling empowered.

It works so well and so easily. After all, Love IS the only power, so of course I feel empowered when I extend Love. It is the Love that is the Power!

From an ego point of view, being Loving is NOT empowering, but from the Spirit perspective it’s the only way to feel truly empowered in a way that lasts and is meaningful.

Developing the ability to go first was one of the best things I’ve ever learned.

It’s been so helpful to me in my relationships.

When I go first, I get what I most desire, the feeling of loving connection.

It’s worth it.

Little by little we can whittle away the ego identification in simple ways that are profoundly empowering. Practice is always available!

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