Mosquito Mind

March 22, 2021

Flowers offer us a mandala for meditating on perfect Love.

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One of the distressing emotional patterns I had when I was younger showed up as me being annoying. I would feel quite upset and if no one would help me, if all I got was attack from others – most often in the form of judgment – I’d become annoying and irritating as my retaliation.

I remember feeling that if I couldn’t get loving and kind attention when I needed it, I’d punish the people I most wanted the Love from.

I’d act like a mosquito, attacking and buzzing them until they felt as frustrated and irritated as I did.

I’ve seen that with others and I can send them Love and compassion because I know what it’s like to feel that way.

Sometimes negative attention is what we’ll settle for.

Still, some people are so persistently annoying that they really do push themselves away – when that’s the very last thing that they would like.

When we see this occurring it’s important to simply bless them. It’s important not to become codependent with them, but to know the highest and best for them and not sink to attacking them, even when that seems to be what they’re agitating us to do.

We can retain our spiritual sovereignty and maintain dominion over our thoughts and feelings.

We can’t be of service to folks when we’re reacting.

When we can maintain our Peace we’re of service to everyone.

How sweet is that?

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