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No Problem!

I find that life gets so much easier [1] with consistent spiritual practice. It’s not that there won’t be challenges, they’re always [2] there to help us grow. Yet, with a spiritual practice we learn to see the challenges as opportunity instead of inconvenience.

What’s more, I no longer feel responsible for solving problems.

I put that on Spirit, my job is to look past the problem to the opportunity to live a more loving life.

When we’re willing to see things correctly we can have a relaxed life even amidst a series of challenges. I found a deep Joy in the time of my mother’s last months on this earth. A time of our greatest challenge had this undercurrent of Joy because we were willing to focus [3] on the opportunity to simply Love each other. I never imagined that would happen.

Miracles are when we change our mind and think the thoughts of God rather than of ego. That’s how we become miracle minded.

Being miracle minded leads to a much lovelier experience of life.

For me, spending so little time solving problems gives me more time to be truly helpful and get things done.

That’s very fulfilling.

So many can’t see the rewards [4] of a spiritual practice. They don’t even try. It’s not believable to them.

What I Love about Spirit is that whether we believe or not, whether we have faith [5] or not, whether we trust or not, Love is always there for us. We can turn to Love and let it lead us to higher ground in each and every moment.

We’re never lost – that’s just a perspective and “pain is a wrong perspective.”

Where there’s God’s Will, there’s a way!

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