Practicing Joy

March 15, 2021

Let’s practice being Joy FULL today!

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Many times, people have told me they don’t know how I get so much done. Folks also tell me that they know how busy I am.

I do get a lot done, and I do have a full life and schedule, but I’m clear about a couple of things.

First, I do prioritize what’s most important to me, and the #1 thing is my self-care.

Second, I don’t waste a lot of time being upset and/or avoiding my feelings and then distracting myself from my feelings with meaningless activities.

I don’t ever prioritize running errands or doing chores unless it’s really important to me and what I genuinely feel like doing that day. I can procrastinate on those things until it’s too late, and I don’t care.

I’d rather do what feels truly fruitful and it’s likely that won’t ever be running errands and doing chores.

I’ve learned to pay attention to how I feel about the choices I make and to do as Joseph Campbell recommended and “follow my bliss.”

My bliss is connecting with Spirit in various ways, and so that’s the primary focus of my life.

I’m a fantastic multi-tasker, so I’ve learned that I can listen to a book while I’m gardening, and I can zoom with a friend while I’m cooking. I can listen to the recording of something I missed while I’m exercising. I can watch a movie while I’m taking a bath, and I can connect with Spirit when I’m shoveling the snow. I can pray while I walk to the road to get my mail.

I can heal my mind, while I listen to Spirit.
I can heal the world, while I forgive myself for judging.

Paying attention to our feelings is so valuable, so very important. I’m talking about noticing the feelings, not stoking the fire of upset.

Honoring our feeling is simply to allow ourselves to discover what they are and let them move on through rather than bottling them up. It’s a different way of living than the world teaches.

And as that wise one, Thich Nhat Hanh said, “blaming never helps.”

Blame hurts my heart and my practice of self-Love has no tolerance for it anymore. I take responsibility and I remember to laugh in order to set myself free of the prison of blame.

Yes, we can prioritize our happiness.

I believe we have a spiritual responsibility to be Joyful.

There’s our spiritual practice – let’s practice Joy today!

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