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Resolving the Authority Problem

I remember how worried and fearful I could get when I was overwhelmed by my thoughts of lack, and also limitation.  If only someone had told me that if my thoughts upset [1] me it meant they HAD to be false.  Now, I do know that and it helps me to turn away from those thoughts and return to the truth [2] of my being.

In A Course in Miracles we’re told that the “authority problem” is the root of all evil.  Wow!  I guess it’s pretty important that we understand what this means to us in our day to day experience so that we don’t fall into a pit of evil!  I’ve made this the topic of my ACIM podcast [3] this week.  

When we think we’re right, even when we think we’re right about how wrong we are, that’s when we’re thinking that WE are the author of our own being, but we never will be.

Yes, we can probably safely claim full authorship of our false identity.

We may be the author of our personality, but not of our being. Spirit is the author of our one true eternal identity.

And the belief that it would even be possible to author ourselves is the reason for the unconscious guilt [4] that is the genesis of the separation thinking that drives all of our sense of lack, limitation and suffering.

I AM not a body is so helpful to us in undoing the identification with a separate, selfish, guilty [5] self.

If we really examine our thoughts we’ll realize that we affirm our separateness thousands of times a day.  Often, we’re barely aware of it.  Yet, the good news is that our affirming our oneness, and permanent unity [6] with Spirit, and all life, is so powerful that it counteracts those thousands of negative affirmations of separation.

The thing that rules our day in the illusion is our belief.  What do we actually believe?

We know what we believe by how we feel.  When there’s annoyance or upset, no matter how small, we’re not telling ourselves the truth.  Then, it’s time to go the other way.  We can turn the other cheek and go back home to our life in alignment with Love.

Our spiritual practice carries us back to the shore of loving kindness.

The more often we return, the less often we’ll leave.  It’s amazing how that actually works!

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