March 19, 2021

We can become masterful surfers!

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In my Sacred Circle today we were talking about the same thing I was sharing in my spiritual espresso yesterday – the energy is very intense right now and it’s stirring up a lot of old stuff.

That stirring can feel like an unwelcome churning and burning of old familiar, sticky beliefs, thoughts and patterns that we’re SO ready to be done with. And we are.

It’s coming up for healing.

It’s times like these that we learn to surf the waves of energy rather than be drowned by them.

We can become expert surfers – Spirit will show us how.

Our willingness is ALL that’s required. Truly.

I remember one time when I went to the island of Mauai in Hawaii. My friend and I went swimming and the surf was strong. I didn’t know what I was doing and I got caught in that surf.

The waves were turning me around and around like a washing machine. I had no idea how to get out of it. None. This was nothing I had experience with. It was clear to me that I could easily drown in that surf if I didn’t figure it out, but I had no idea how.

So, I relaxed and I called the angels to help me. I said “I don’t want to die here. Help me get to safety now, please!” Soon, I knew the way out and swam to safety.

It was a great lesson.

What was the lesson? Surrender trying to figure it out. Ask for help. Trust in Spirit.

I follow those same three steps frequently.

I’m so grateful I don’t have to figure things out, and I can surf the waves of energy that could seem to drown me.

I’m interested in flourishing and supporting others in doing the same.

It helps to be wiling to surf and to trust that the wave will carry us to where we’d like to go!

Let’s do that now – turn things over for healing, ask for help, surrender, trust and let Spirit carry us.

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