Taking Out the Trash!

March 21, 2021

Cherry blossoms are coming again! Yay for spring!

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Spring has officially begun, and we can feel it here in Vermont. We’ve got sunny days again are months of grey and the temperatures are bouncing from near 0 to near 60.

Flocks, yes whole flocks of migrating birds are descending on the yard and the bird feeders. And the ones who’ve been here all winter are being very patient with those who are just arriving at the buffet.

While we’ve tripped over the equinox (yesterday) and we’re now half way between the darkest day and the lightest day, all the celebration I feel with the extra light in these days is tempered by what that light is exposing.

You may have participated in my 40 Day Meditation Challenge last year and we’re still going strong. There’s a group who meet each evening to practice for 15 minutes and it’s been such a sweet connection for our community. For me, it’s part of my nightly ritual. Anyone can join at any time.

We’re noticing how our spiritual practices, including the meditation have helped to stabilize us – and still, we’re almost all feeling intense agitation during this time of Light rising.

We’re also just 2 weeks away from Passover and Easter. Remember that the “last supper” was a Passover seder. What that means for us is that this is the time of the year when the Christ Light is getting brighter and brighter – it is this energy that brings the spring renewal to much of the world.

With the increase of Christ Light, there’s increased awareness. Just as when we turn on the lights in our home and turn them up brightly, we can more easily see the dust bunnies and areas that need to be cleaned and cleared, we’re having that experience in our awareness.

Spring cleaning is in our hearts, our minds, and not just our closets!

Myself, I’m finding that some really old core patterns that aren’t quite healed are coming up for healing. I could see that as a bummer, but I don’t.

No one likes to feel irritated, agitated, annoyed, resentful, jealous, guilty, ashamed, hurt, worried, pissed off or any of those kinds of emotions, but all of these upsets point us to patterns in our mind that are coming up for transformation and transmutation.

We’ve got work to do.
Let’s focus on it and, like Larry the Cable Guy, let’s “get ‘er done!”

If we just bury the feelings then there’s no healing. We’ve already done that enough!

I prefer to be grateful that I have healing spiritual practices that work and I can use them.

Out of my Self-Love I don’t allow myself to sit and stew in the angry juices anymore. That’s self-punishment, not self-care. Also, I don’t go it alone anymore. I Partner UP! And I rely upon my prayer partners.

One of the biggest patterns that humanity is healing is blaming others for how we feel. Blaming doesn’t help us feel better. In fact, it actually makes it worse, immediately. It stirs the unconscious guilt. We’re here to be loving and kind like our Creator and we’re failing when we’re complaining and attacking.

We’re all one with our Perfect Creator. When we deny that perfection to anyone, no matter for what reason, we feel the pain of the belief in lack of our perfection in our heart and mind. Every time. No exceptions.

Jesus said, “what you do to the least of them you do to me.”

He could have said, “what you think of anyone you think of me.”

Or “what you think of anyone you think of God.”

And then comes the unconscious guilt getting activated for having attacked. The suffering is stirred up because the root cause of it is being poked.

We’re here to be truly helpful.
We’re here to represent the one who sent us.

When we choose to focus on lack and attack we suffer.
We CAN go the other way.
We have that choice.
That’s what our free will is for.

The way out of all this suffering from unconscious guilt is to forgive ourselves for attacking anyone, anywhere, anytime, for any reason.

I find it so comforting to know that it’s all the same anyway.

All attack IS Self-attack.
I’m not interested in attacking myself anymore.

I can gain no benefit from analyzing any of this behavior and thought patterns. Willingness to forgive myself is all that’s required.

I focus on healing.

I pray for all to know they’re blessed.

Just think – if we ALL knew how blessed we are – that the kingdom is within, and we don’t have to find it outside, that we cannot receive any more blessings than we already have, then all the problems of the world would be solved and we would realize that they had always been solved. Phew!

Spirit sends us these messages again and again in so many ways and the return of spring, the return of the Light is just one of the many ways.

I’ve learned to be grateful that I can choose to be grateful. Being grateful lifts my vibration so I can see, hear, know and feel more clearly that “the Light has come.”

When so many people in this world are suffering because they don’t know what gifts lie within them, because they deny their own inheritance and refuse to see it in their brothers and sisters, we have a tremendous opportunity to hold fast to the truth.

This IS our purpose.
If we don’t live our purpose we can’t feel good about ourselves.

If we don’t live our purpose we’ll feel like we’re failing. And that’s what playing small is. It’s when we are focused on the darkness instead of the Light.

It’s when we keep falling into the compost heap and believing it’s so real.

We’re designed to feel incredibly uncomfortable when we’re denying the Light of the world is within ourselves or anyone else.

Let’s let Spirit do the heavy lifting of figuring out HOW to do the spring cleaning, let’s focus entirely on our willingness, for that is ALL that’s required.

And if you’d like support for making this shift from playing small, check out my Stop Playing Small retreat – it’s online at the end of April – you’ve never had so much FUN taking out the trash!

Our connection is a blessing to me, thank you!

TODAY, you can join me for our Sundays With Spirit celebration. We’re coming together to share our inspiration in many ways. We’ll have a spiritual celebration together with message and music – we call it Sundays With Spirit. Please invite your family! If you can’t join us, you can catch the replay! Because we’re going to be live on Zoom, you’ll have to register to get the details. All are welcome, there’s no charge, but you do have to register unless you’ve already registered in the past.

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