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Virtual Hugs

Oh, my!  The energy [1] in the world for the last few days has been quite intense.  People are noticing how agitated they feel.  I have been doing my part to let folks know that it’s not them – it’s all of us.

If you’re not feeling it, count yourself as quite fortunate.

Many are reporting intense dreams, including myself.  

What’s been proven by many is that our spiritual practice helps stabilize humanity, the earth and the elements – so let’s focus [2] on our spiritual practice of prayers and meditation.  This is a POWERFUL, potent and relatively simple way that we can be very truly helpful [3] – and we can do it from home.

Of course, one of the most beneficial things we can do is simply to be at Peace [4] and not harbor attack thoughts about anyone including ourselves.

Let’s make prayers for everyone.

Again and again throughout our days we can pray and bless everyone.  This will raise us up so that we can be above the battlefield.

It’s important to share with others that we notice the intensity [5] – this helps people who are of the belief that it’s them and there’s something uniquely wrong with them, when it just isn’t true.

When we make prayers, let’s be sure to bless the earth, she’s carrying a heavy load and we can give her support too!

Another great thing to do, that I’ve been doing, is to take salt water baths.  It’s also great to get outside and go for walks.

Look around your life and see if there’s anyone you can think of that could use a caring phone call.

Let’s send out virtual hugs to everyone we can think of!

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