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And the Oscar goes to…

I’m writing to you after Day #2 of the Stop Playing Small retreat and I’m feeling so blessed for all the healing [1] people are already having.

I feel blessed because I recall how difficult it was for me when I couldn’t figure out how to stop playing small and nothing I was doing was working.

I thank God that Spirit led me to the healing I so deeply desired.

When we apply spiritual principle it brings miracles, again and again. Yes, we have resistance and reluctance, but even that can fall away.

It’s hard to believe how many of us resist expressing, and enjoying our own magnificence, but this is true for more people than not. Yes, in my experience, a majority of people get in their own way and then blame [2] it on circumstances.

There’s a perfection to our life if we’re willing to see it from God’s perspective, from our own Higher Holy Spirit Self’s point of view, from the mountaintop.

In our retreat we were talking about the feeling of having wasted so much of our lives and I said, “that’s B.S.” It really is. I’ve absolutely learned that everything that came before has been a learning to me and I use that learning to assist people in the healing of their mind.

How many times does a great athlete miss the mark? It’s all part of the learning. It’s only painful when we judge it as a waste.

Knowing [3] what I know now, and having brought so much of my ego insanity to the Light, I can easily see how every experience I had has helped me to be a more loving and awake person now.

There are no mistakes in God – only different choices and opportunities to experience Life as we choose.

I’m excited today because one of my longtime, dearest friends and prayer partners, Paul Raci is nominated for an Academy Award for best-supporting actor in the film The Sound of Metal. Paul’s performance is beautiful and deeply touching. He’s so talented.

We’ve been friends and prayer partners since 1997. In all the time I’ve known him he’s been devoted to knowing the truth [4] and being as loving as he can be. He’s gifted in so many ways, but the way he’s most gifted is in loving his friends and family. He has a real talent for supporting the folks in his life in remembering their divinity. He’s a winner for sure.

In the decades I’ve known Paul there were many times when he was bummed out because his career wasn’t going the way he wanted it to go.

Now, it seems pretty perfect.

Seems to me, it’s been going the way his Higher Holy Spirit Self intended. And THAT is worth celebrating.

I hope he wins the Oscar tonite.

He certainly deserves it. Whatever happens, I know it can only be the highest and best for all.

No matter what happens, we’re celebrating.

Paul’s a good example of someone who’s made a life of Love and his Light is shining brightly for others to see now. I can’t wait to see what he does next!

And I feel the same way about everyone in this retreat with me. We’re letting go of limiting thoughts and beliefs and we’re opening even more for Spirit to reveal our next steps.

One thing is for certain – we’re here to bless each other.

Our connection is a blessing to me, thank you for being in my life!

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