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April 8, 2021
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There’s a gift in everything.

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If you read my Daily Shot of Spiritual Espresso on a regular basis you might remember that about two weeks ago I went for an eye exam – the first in about 25 years – in order to get glasses and possibly contacts.

The optometrist was great.  Such a kind man, but he wouldn’t let me go home with contacts because I just couldn’t manage to get them out of my eyes by myself.  

So, the other day I went back to Costco to pick up my new glasses and to try out the contacts once again.  There was a lovely woman, Christine, to guide me through putting them in and taking them out.  She set up in a spot in the corner of a pretty busy small office, gave me the demo and then it was my turn.  

After at least twenty minutes of trying, one of the other people working there came over and said, “how are you feeling?  Are you stressed?  Don’t be hard on yourself because it’s taking a bit to learn this.”  

She was really sweet, and I was truthful, “It’s definitely challenging, I’m not getting down on myself, but it’s a stressful environment with all these people, and conversations, and this tiny space in the corner under florescent lights.”

She understood and she moved us right into an exam room.  Phew!  That was much quieter and I had more room, plus there was a magnifying mirror to make it easier to see.  Thank you, God.

It’s hard to put in a contact lens when you don’t see so well!  Sheesh!

A lot of people would start feeling badly about themselves in my position.  I get it.  They’d start berating themselves.  Which just makes it worse.  

Yes, I was struggling to put in the contact lens – but I had never done it before.  It was totally new to me and I was just starting out.  It would be unreasonable for me to except myself to be able to do it well from the start.

Plus, call me crazy, but I’m not used to TOUCHING MY EYEBALLS!  It’s completely unnatural and unnerving for my nervous system.  Yikes!

I know myself.  When it comes to physical things like this I can take quite a while to get the hang of it.  

Example: sometimes I’ve gone to dance aerobic classes with my sister-in-law.  It’s a lot of fun.  She loves it.  And when I go with her, I’m usually the one going in the opposite direction of everyone else, about six steps behind.  But does that mean I can’t have fun and enjoy myself?  Of course I can!  

I am perfect, but I don’t have to do everything perfectly.

That’s not necessary or even desirable.  Being able to do everything lovingly – now THAT’S a goal!

So after much effort, I managed to get both of the contacts in.  It was nerve wracking for my helper, Christine.  It took another half hour, but I did it.  Sigh.

I stepped away from the area where I’d been putting them in and took some deep breaths and then Christine said, “wait, what?  There’s a lens here in the contact container.  How can that be if you put it in?  I saw you put it in.

She had me sit down and looked in my eyes.  She couldn’t tell if they were both in.  We consulted the doctor’s assistant.  She couldn’t tell either.  We decided to wait for the Doctor.  

Fifteen minutes later I’m in his examining room and he’s looking at my eyes under a special scope and, guess what?  I don’t have either lens in.  I fooled myself and Christine.  Good heavens!  I’m breaking all the records here!

And, after all this drama I learned that it was my blessing.  How could that be?  Let me tell you.  The Doctor decided to put them in for me.  I’d practiced enough.  

As he was doing that he told me to always put the left one in first because that’s the one that’s going to help me to see things close up and then it will be easier to put the right one in.  OF COURSE!!!

That’s so important!  Christine didn’t know to tell me that because she didn’t understand my prescription.  If I hadn’t gone through that whole mess I would have always started with the right eye.  

A Course in Miracles says everything works together for good and there are no exceptions.

There it was.  My good was right there.  Plus they sent me home with a bunch of extra pairs.  

But first, I had to take them out.  That took at least thirty minutes more.  Sigh.  Not fun.  Still, I’m determined to see!

So, HOURS after I arrived at Costco, I did some shopping, and then went on to run my other errands feeling fairly spent, but glad that was done.

The next to last errandI was groceries at Trader Joe’s.  The cashier asked me how I was.  I told her, “it’s been a long afternoon, I just got contacts and it didn’t go so well.  It really wore me out.”  

To which she said, “Do you like peanut butter cups?”  I said, no. 

And then I said, “well, I do, actually, I love them, but I’m on a cleanse, so I wouldn’t eat one right now.  

The sweet cashier said, “here, take this bag and you’ll have them for later.” A gift.  A sweet gift, from a sweet woman.

All through the day I was watching my feelings and just monitoring how I felt, as I normally do.  While the physical experience with the contact lenses was stressful to my body, I was calm.  My mind was peaceful.

I was confident I’d get the hang of it.  I still am.

The next day, I got them in by myself, left one first, in about 30 minutes or less.  That’s progress and I was grateful.  Phew.  

I really prefer the contacts and I trust I’ll get good at it.

I say that even though, that night getting them out I realized I’d lost one up under my eyelid.  It took me about an hour to get it out.  Youtube videos helped.  

That was no fun, but that experience is out of the way and I’m undeterred.  

One thing that helped me all through these experiences is my prayer practice.  I was silently in prayer, affirming the truth and that was why I stayed calm and collected.  I meditated while we were waiting for the Doctor.

My spiritual practice is something I carry with me at all times of the day.  

I can tell you that I used to play so small by getting upset and then making others pay for it, taking it out on them.  

I’d get irritated and angry and then sulk and withdraw.  I’d run away.  I’d give up on myself.  And then I’d usually go home and self-medicate to try to eliminate feeling my feelings.  

After the difficult time at Costco and running the errands, I went home, and made a giant salad and ate it.  It was about 10pm by the time I got it all prepared, but I was following a specific cleanse and I just did what the cleanse said.  It was tasty and that was that.  I’d rather not eat that late and go to bed so late, (I still had work to do) but that’s life.  It is what it is.  I can be peaceful with what is.

I learned some things, and I felt supported by the universe even though I was challenged putting in the lenses and taking them out.  

Spiritual practice and spiritual healing are the way to change our minds and rid ourselves of the beliefs that keep us living in lack, attack and limitation. 

It’s our beliefs that stress us out, not the situations. 

It’s so important that we always remember that.

There’s nothing more important than our spiritual liberation.  Like the Blues Brothers, we’re on a mission from God.  

We’re on a mission to rise up and live a loving life – truly loving.  

We’re here to be truly helpful to our brothers and sisters as well as ourselves.  

Unless we fulfill our mission we’ll never feel fulfilled.  Everyone of us has the spiritual instructions written in our heart.  Our yes is all that’s required.  

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