Depression Be Gone

April 29, 2021

We can feel free again!

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When I was in my 20’s my mother was depressed for a number of years.  As I recall, she didn’t take any medication, she didn’t have therapy, she just lived with it.  It was very challenging for my Dad and myself as we couldn’t really seem to help her.

That’s the thing about intense emotional illness like depression, post traumatic distress disorder, anxiety, and even suicidal feelings.  Other people can support us, in so many useful and helpful ways, but the true healing often needs to come from the person themselves working with others.  

Many people struggle for a long time before they get help.

Others don’t get help at all.

And then there are those who do get help, but the underlying issue doesn’t get healed.

There’s a lot of coping and managing with symptoms.

What Spirit has taught me is that we can heal things back to the root cause and it does occur in a miraculous way.

We ARE entitled to miracles, and we must be willing to accept and allow them.  

Sometimes people who have loved ones who’re depressed don’t understand what they’re going through.  I didn’t understand what my mother was dealing with, that’s for sure.

Here are 10 things you may not know about what accompanies depression:

  1. PAIN – Research shows that about 75% of folks with depression have chronic or recurring pain.  And the pain often leads to overwhelm and a sense of despair.
  2. WEIGHT – Many who are depressed will have substantial weight gain.  It can be from being less active, more comfort food, more fast food and processed foods that are high in fat and sugar.  Some people lose weight due to loss of appetite.
  3. SLEEP – Many who are depressed also struggle with insomnia or have trouble falling or staying asleep, while some sleep excessively.  When sleep patterns go out of whack it’s like adding insult to injury, plus some more injury on top.
  4. INDECISIVE – For a depressed person, just making decisions about doing laundry, what’s for dinner, or when to order your nephew’s birthday present can all be come overwhelming decisions.  The myriad little decisions that people make every day become too much for someone who’s overwhelmed by how they’re feeling physically, emotionally and mentally.
  5. ANGER – Irritability, anger, and frustration come from people being overloaded by their emotions, bodily sensations and they can have much less patience.
  6. NUMBNESS – Some folks fall into apathy and numbness.  They feel like a zombie, making it challenging to connect with others.
  7. ESCAPISM – Many who are depressed look for some way to escape, television, books, online shopping, research, social media, and gaming are just a few ways people escape their thoughts, feelings and relationships.  There’s a tendency to isolate because of the overwhelm.  It’s like an implosion.
  8. FANTASY – Fantasy acts like a drug.  It gives us a chance to escape, but it leaves an emotional hangover that people often don’t even notice.  Daydreaming about an alternative reality is a way to put off dealing with what’s happening now, but when we snap out of it we’re back where we were and nothing has been gained.
  9. HYGIENE – Depressed people sometimes stop bathing every day, brushing their teeth, washing their hair regularly and taking basic care of themselves.  The majority of people who have poor oral health are also depressed.  Similarly, housekeeping can be overwhelming and that can lead to a messy home, which makes life even more depressing and difficult.
  10. DRINKING – Alcohol can seem to numb the emotional pain, physical pain and even the anger.  What was once a glass of wine with dinner becomes half a bottle.  This leads to difficulty sleeping, weight gain and a whole host of related issues.

That’s an intense list of things that many people with depression are struggling to deal with.  

A Course in Miracles does give us a way out of feeling depressed.  It requires us to be willing to change our minds and to forgive.  This can feel impossible, overwhelming or exhausting just to think about.

What I’ve seen, time and again, is that Spirit – that Higher Holy Spirit Self – will provide the healing if we’re willing to give up the blocks to Love and do the inner work.

It’s easier to do the work when we’re the two or more gathered in the name and the nature of Christ.

I’ve been a Spiritual Counselor for more than 20 years and a minister for 15 years.  I started offering comprehensive programs to eliminate, fear, worry, anxiety, depression and despair using the spiritual tools that I’ve been given by Spirit and that are clearly outlined in A Course in Miracles.  I’ve seen them work, in miraculous ways, far beyond anything I thought possible.

In the past 14 years or so I’ve seen many people in my programs heal their depression, suicidal thoughts and feelings, despair, anger, anxiety and hopelessness.

They’ve been able to go off their medications with their doctor’s supervision and they’ve been able to eliminate or dramatically decrease their pain.  They’ve saved many thousands of dollars as well as many hours that were tied up in managing and coping with their difficulties.

For some it’s easier than others, but to get lasting relief from decades of chronic depression is a healing worth working for.

I recently received a testimonial from someone who had been clinically diagnosed with PTSD, Depression, Anxiety Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder.  She started listening to my ACIM podcast less than a year ago, and she started in classes with me 5 months ago and she has been clinically declared free of all those disorders.  Even her Counselor cannot believe it.  

This is the power of being able to say “I AM determined to see” and really meaning it.  Spirit will do the heavy lifting when we are willing.  

Ask yourself:  What can I heal with ACIM?

And see what Spirit says to YOU.

I’ve taken the key components from my Finding Freedom From Fear program and from my Masterful Living Program that I’ve seen work for healing depression, anxiety, anger, weight gain, pain and other intense emotional difficulties, including the physical pain that often accompanies these issues, and I’ve put them into one program and added a few more things.

I’m calling this new program Depression Demolition.

I’m offering it for the first time with a limited enrollment.  If you feel this might be right for you right now, please take a look.  

We can heal the mind and the emotional and physical bodies with spiritual practice.  I know MANY who have proven it in my programs and if you’re willing to venture with me, we’ll do it together.  

You don’t have to figure it out.  This is a step-by-step program.

And, if you’re reading this and you don’t have any of these issues and concerns, be grateful.  Please join me in saying a prayer that anyone who has these challenges is liberated with ease and grace!  Let’s rejoice for the healing that IS happening and that we can hold the highest and best for our brothers and sisters who are challenged in this way.  AMEN!

Depression Demolition Program starts May 16

If you’d like support for making a shift from depression, anger and anxiety, check out my Depression Demolition program – This is a 9 week program to help you heal the root causes of depression so you can find real relief. With real support, healing is so much easier.   We’ll take it one day at a time.  Click here for more details.  NOTE:  There are only 19 spaces left.

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