Don’t Give Up

April 19, 2021

Don’t Give Don’t give up. Give it UP!

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One of the most amazing phenomena in this world is how easily people can be discouraged from pursuing their heart’s desires. All we have to be told is that we might fail and next thing you know we’ve given up.

One way that we give up (which is different than surrender) on our dreams is we put it off to a future that we have no interest in bringing to fruition.

I’ve fallen down that hole and felt the days passing in such a way that each day is like another twist winding up a rubber band airplane. The tension becomes so great that we either have to make a move or quit holding out the possibility.

One of the things that some folks do at this point is sabotage themselves to make it even harder to succeed. Then they have an excuse. Then, it’s not their fault that they’re not succeeding, it’s just so darn hard.

My throat is tightening as I write these words, empathizing with all the people who wish to cry out in anguish.

The answer is to be willing to put Spirit in charge and completely give it up and over to Spirit for healing, transformation and liberation.

Now is the spring of our strong intent to break out of the downward spiral, to shift into the “I’m willing” and “it’s possible” consciousness.

Spirit provides us with whatever we need when we’re motivated by Love and looking to Spirit for the answer. It’s so important that each one of us break free of our fearful thoughts.

The only way I know to do that is to trust in Spirit and give up trying to control.

This requires a leap of faith. Leaping is the way to go!

Do you feel like you might be playing small? Are you so done and so ready to clear out the limiting beliefs? Here’s a clear pathway. We can use the motivation of avoiding suffering to take us to the point where Spirit lifts us up! Flying is in our future!

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If you’d like support for making a shift from playing small in your heart, living in lack and limitation, getting in your own way, to living from Love and feeling more free and focused, check out my Stop Playing Small retreat – it’s online at the end of April – you’ve never had so much FUN clearing out the mental and emotional clutter! Let’s do this! Click here for more details.

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