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Don’t Stop Caring

One of the ego struggles I’ve had a million times is when I’ve gotten angry, hurt, and upset [1] that someone I cared about didn’t seem to care about something or someone as much as I did.

For instance, when it seems like someone I care about doesn’t seem to care about me enough to please me. That would really bother me.

Then, my ego would move into this thought pattern of giving [2] up on that person.

I’ve heard it from others so many times in the form of this question: “Is it okay to end that relationship?”

My response is, “since we’re all eternal, and the relationship is forever, how will you ever actually end that relationship?” We can’t.

Let’s face it, we’re stuck with each other.

Now, of course, I understand that in our human experience we can turn away from people and decide [3] the relationship isn’t working well and we’d like to step back, step away or take a time out. That can be super helpful and healing [4].

But we’re kidding ourselves if we think we can end our relationships – they will go on forever, in shifting form, it’s true, but continuing nonetheless.

It’s a sign of spiritual maturity to accept our eternal nature [5] and reconcile ourselves to putting the relationship on the Altar of God, as I call it.

I like to say, don’t give up on the relationship, give it UP to Spirit for healing.

Then stop judging and trying to control it.

That’s far more productive.

We don’t ever wish to close our hearts and stop caring.

The cost is way too high.