Good Friday

April 2, 2021

We are eternal, innocent and free.

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Good Friday is today, and that’s the day that we pay respect for Jesus’ crucifixion, and for what he went through so that we may have life, and have it abundantly – life everlasting.

As I perceive it now, Jesus’ human life was a message of profound Love. He came to teach us to love one another, to recognize that we are one with each other, that forgiveness is the way out of hell, and that we’re not a body, we’re eternal life.

That’s a tall order for one dude! But that’s what one person devoted to the truth can bring.

I’ve prayed thousands of times to affirm that I’m only interested in speaking truth. Still, sometimes I say something and I can feel it’s not quite right.

I might say something like, “I always …” and then I realize, hmmm, there was that one time, which I forgot about.

I don’t judge or harangue myself, I take it as a gentle learning and I’m so glad for my sensitivity. Truth is SO important to me.

We can all step into Jesus’ shoes in so many ways.

We can teach only Love.
We can recognize the unity of life with our fellow beings.
We can forgive, and teach forgiveness.
We can remember we’re eternal and while we have a body, we are not our bodies.

We really can walk on that beauty road of truth and align with the divine the way that Jesus has showed us how.

Our willingness is all that’s required.

One thing we don’t need to do is go through a crucifixion or even a betrayal. Those are optional.

Jesus was proving a point about eternal life, and that point has already been proved.

We don’t need another one to prove it through crucifixion, we can jump right to resurrection. That’s a blessing!

As we speed towards Easter and the resurrection, let’s bear in mind that we can have a profound impact in this world if we simply decide to teach only Love.

I’m SO in! What about you?

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