Greener Grass

April 1, 2021

Sometimes the grass is green on both sides!

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It’s so common for folks to have that mindset that things are better elsewhere.  I remember once when someone I knew had a chance to marry a VERY famous person and decided not to because they just didn’t feel that depth of love for them.

Then, a number of years later, their good friend married a VERY famous rockstar, and had plenty of money and they were jealous.  “Why couldn’t I have married a rockstar?”

It’s very common for people to be jealous of the success of people they know.  They wonder “why couldn’t that happen to me.”

It’s the “compare and despair” syndrome.  

That mindset actually pushes away all manner of blessings because it is the mindset of “I’m not blessed.”

Whatever we believe strongly acts like a mantra.  It’s a form of prayer that absolutely manifests in our life.

When we learn the power of prayer, the power of our thought, the power of affirmations, then we’re going to be more careful of our thoughts.

It can seem like we have no control over our thoughts, but we choose each one.  We decide what we’ll invest our energy in.  And what we won’t invest in.  Both are important.

I am investing my energy in being willing to choose Love and live a loving, awakened life.

I get off track for a minute, but I come right back.

When I feel off track, I can notice the contrast between feeling connected and disconnected.

I’d rather be connected to Spirit.  It feels so much better!

We make an effort to TUNE OUT the pain, but the pain is still there, because its in our stinking thinking.  However, with willingness, with prayer and mindfulness we can recognize the contrast between loving thoughts and unloving thoughts and we can transform our thoughts into a power tool for our happiness!

It’s our spiritual duty to choose happiness!

If you’d like to learn to have prayer as YOUR power tool that you can use at any time, if you’d like to build a MIGHTY trust and faith in Spirit then come check out my Prayer Power class that starts on April 12th. 4 POWERFUL classes. Click here for more details.

FOLLOW YOUR INTUITION! If you’d like support for making a shift from playing small in your heart, living in lack and limitation, getting in your own way, to living from Love and feeling more free and focused, check out my Stop Playing Small retreat – it’s online at the end of April – you’ve never had so much FUN clearing out the mental and emotional clutter! Let’s do this!

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