Holding My Seat

April 14, 2021

Ganesha can help us hold our seat and maintain our spiritual sovereignty.

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The reward of spiritual practice is Peace of mind.

That’s worth more than money and many other things.

As a spiritual counselor for the last 20 years I’ve worked with wealthy people who were looking for Peace and couldn’t find it despite how much they were willing to spend.

Yesterday I had a number of packages to send from the post office and drove into town (15 minute drive). When I got to town I realized that I’d left my wallet in my winter coat at home. Sigh. I went into the first store where I was picking up food for a friend and myself. As most people do, they took Apple Pay and so I could easily pay with my phone. Sweet!

Then I went to the post office and it was a complicated thing that took quite a while. Then I found out they don’t take Apple Pay. Even though I had my credit card numbers in my phone and tell it to them they couldn’t take that. I had to have the physical card. Apparently the post office which is a HUGE multi-billion dollar business doesn’t have technology as up to date as a little bakery in a tiny town. Interesting.

So, I went next door to get a cash advance on my credit card. It wasn’t my bank, but a bank’s a bank. It seemed quite possible. I could get money Fromm the ATM with a credit card, I ought to be able to get it from the window. I had my card number and a photo of my drivers license. But no, that wouldn’t work.

So I had to make a round trip home – another 35 mins or so. Which I did. Fortunately, it’s a beautiful drive through the mountains, by the river and waterfall, and I sang along with the radio and thoroughly enjoyed myself, even though it was not what I’d originally planned to do with my afternoon.

Everything I was doing yesterday seemed to take SO MUCH LONGER than I thought it would.

Yet, I had made up my mind to have a sweet and peaceful day and that’s exactly what I did.

Our circumstances do not determine our mood, our thoughts or our feelings, we do.

We’re the deciders of what we’ll think and what we’ll feel.

Maybe all of that happened so that I could write about it. I do not know. However, I made the most of it and enjoyed myself.

I’ve learned that even though I might not feel well, I might feel like I need to go to bed, when I have a class to teach, and I’d have to cancel it in order to go to bed – if I teach the class, I will feel revived and restored at the end of class – and I always do.

When we serve the Light with our life our life becomes a joyful thing even though it might not be what we thought we wanted or planned.

We can always be grateful and we can learn to hold our seat and maintain our Peace regardless of the winds that blow.

And that’s beautiful.

We are blessed!

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    Eyes of Love
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