I’m Choosing Resurrection

April 4, 2021

Let’s escape the past and rise in God like a butterfly testing out new wings!

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One of the things that I’ve found most valuable in my life is to realize that I can’t move into the resurrection, the awakening of my mind, until I’m willing to get down off the cross of crucifixion.

Let me explain what I mean …

In A Course in Miracles, Jesus tells us that we don’t have to repeat the lesson of the crucifixion. He calls it “last useless journey the Sonship need take, and that it represents release from fear to anyone who understands it …” I feel like I’m only beginning to understand it.

For a long time, I was in a mental and emotional state of feeling betrayed. I felt let down and betrayed by many different people in my life.

I used to go over it and over it and OVER it in my mind. I didn’t realize that I was tormenting myself with thoughts of betrayal and victimhood and attracting more of the same because of it.

I also didn’t realize that I was the one who betrayed myself. My self-betrayal was in evidence EVERY time I attacked my brother or myself.

It seems that almost all of us engage in this self-betrayal and then project it out onto others, and the world. Yet there is no REAL betrayal. There is simply cause and effect, and the ways that we choose to learn in the illusion.

Crucifixion is over if we choose it.

This week in my A Course in Miracles Podcast I was sharing about the crucifixion and the resurrection of Jesus. While I wasn’t raised as a Christian, I did go to church many times on Easter and other holidays with my grandparents who were all Christians.

What I’ve seen is that some Christians put a LOT of emphasis on the crucifixion and the “stages of the cross.” It can be overwhelmingly intense to contemplate the torturous death of a man we love so much, and yet each year we go through it all again.

Very little is made of Jesus’ resurrection compared to the crucifixion. We celebrate Easter, yet it often feels to me that many people are celebrating the crucifixion. Another example of how this earth life feels like “Opposite Day.”

We don’t hear many stories about how Jesus walked among the people after he was fully transfigured and resurrected. What an AMAZING thing, and yet there’s hardly anything in the four gospels.

Do we know folks who’ve resurrected from the dead and walked the earth? I’ve met people who’ve had near-death experiences, but that’s not the same as resurrection.

Think about it: It was a scary time for the disciples – their leader had been cruelly murdered. No doubt they feared for their own lives. In fact, after Jesus resurrected and ascended most of them fled and took refuge in other lands.

Jesus rose and walked among the apostles to make sure the teaching and message were complete. “I have come that you might have life and have it more abundantly.” He came to teach us to love one another, to forgive and that the result of both is the awakening to our eternal nature, leaving guilt and betrayals behind.

Let’s put our focus on the resurrection and leave the crucifixion behind.

Let’s recognize that when we believe that we’ve been betrayed, and harbor anger and resentment about it, we’re betraying ourselves by focusing on the illusions of this world.

I’ve found that ONLY self-forgiveness clears out the illusion that we’ve been betrayed by others. Our willingness to see beyond our projections is all that’s required.

It’s our turn to rise up, resurrect and ascend in consciousness. We’ve got healing to do and now is the time for us to do it.

I send you a Resurrection Day blessing and I am grateful that we’re rising together!

I’m celebrating the resurrection today and I invite you to join me at Sundays With Spirit on zoom.

Please pray with me today. Please join me in my daily Prayer for Today – today’s prayer is for Rising in God You can click and listen now. We use technology to transcend time and space and deepen our spiritual practice. And that’s beautiful!

Our connection is a blessing to me, thank you! Let’s rock this day!

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