New Normal?

April 21, 2021
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Change is our new normal.

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This may sound strange, but what I’m feeling is that we’re living in a glorious and long awaited time!

The ego thought system is being undone, LOVE is winning, despite ALL appearances that would fool us into giving up.

Global healing is happening. And WE, yes, WE, meaning YOU and I are on the forefront of this global shift.

This is the biggest shift in the history of the human race.
10 years from now things will be SO different for all of us.

The healing is happening so fast now. The momentum is picking up speed and it’s either going to run people over or absorb them.

All boats rise on this global healing tide of Perfect Love & Light.

There IS a new normal.

The new normal is getting used to change.

Fear of change prevents so much happiness.
Fear of change blocks the flow of Love and Light.

I was so entrenched in the ego thought system.
I believed it was a dog eat dog world.
I was convinced that life was hard.

I was fully immersed in the patterns of pain that are the belief in lack, attack, limitation and separation.

I truly believed that happiness came from what I accomplished in the world, how my body looked, who loved me, and what others thought of me. I was drowning in a sea of OPP (other people’s opinions).

Because my own opinion of myself was that I was SOOOO wrong, bad, not good enough, unworthy, and unwelcome that all I could hope for was that someone outside me would validate me.

If I read enough spiritual books, joined enough spiritual clubs, and had enough spiritual friends, then MAYBE that would give me enough validation to feel good about myself.

Of course that didn’t work.
The I AM Presence cannot settle for that.

I couldn’t be satisfied with the temporary feel-full-ment of OPP. No one can.

First, I felt the EXTREME push to develop extraordinary patience. I had almost none, so that was a big deal for me and a total game changer.

Second, I felt LIFE ITSELF shook me so hard it demanded that I empty out my cupboards and closets of judgments, beliefs and opinions.

Life turned me upside down, held me by the feet and kept shaking me until I stopped resisting and opened my heart to let the millions of judgments go.

Third, Spirit held me relentlessly (and nothing and no one is more relentless than God itself) to the cleansing fire of self-forgiveness.

Forgiving everything, in all lives, and all dimensions of time and space became my #1 goal.

Fourth, I had to learn to welcome constant change. Spirit had me traveling all over the world, having me give up most of my possessions, and my home. Taking away any sense of stability in the world and forcing me to be willing to develop a deep inner stability of the heart that I could only have once I’d done the first three stages.

We all have our own individual version of the curriculum, and it’s taking us to the same place with generally similar methods.

We can, of course, go peacefully, willingly and gratefully, or we can be dragged, pulled, shoved, or shot out of a cannon.

Our willingness determines the speed and smoothness of the ride.

I’ve learned to be comfortable with constant change because it ALWAYS is better once I’ve embraced the change.

I’ve also learned this about ego identity: ego only likes the change that looks like glamour. The change of a better home, a better body, a better partner, a better job, more money, more, more and more in the world.

By contrast, Spirit is all about the change that is less, less, less.

(And, clearly, we learn through contrast.)

Less clutter, less garbage, less suffering, less pain, less junk, less business, less BS (belief systems), less constriction and limitation and more, more, more expansion into experiencing, demonstrating and revealing the spiritual qualities of Joy, Peace, Harmony, Freedom, Prosperity, Wisdom, Wholeness, Beauty, Abundance, Clarity, and Illumination, just to start.

Seek first the kingdom (which is within) and all of these beautiful qualities will reveal themselves as part of our very nature. They aren’t outside, they’re our true identity.

Clear the clutter, take out the trash and there they are, the beautiful, shiny spiritual qualities of God’s own nature clearly planted in our hearts..

When we’re willing to go home in our mind we find we’ve had the way to get there all along. All we have to do is affirm “there’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home.” And then we can see the illusion for what it is.

We’ve had the power all along.

Until we do this inner work, the REAL WORK of giving up our attachments to playing small we’re going to keep bumping up against the patterns of resistance and reluctance to Love, to Light.

If we’re managing and coping That’s playing small. It will continue to become more and more painful because our Higher Holy Spirit Self has a script to shake us loose from the old paradigms.

Realizing how painful those old patterns are becomes the motivation and the rocket fuel for transformation. It doesn’t always work, but for many of us it does.

Self-Love becomes more important than avoiding change.

We can stop spiritualizing the ego identity.

The spiritualization of the ego is when we’re reading and studying and listening to audios WITHOUT making real and lasting changes in our thinking.

When that happens we’re occupying our mind (distracted) without changing it so there’s no healing.

If we content ourselves with these intellectual pursuits we’re missing out on the true spiritual growth.

Behavior modification isn’t healing. It’s at the level of the body and all healing is truly at the level of the mind.

If you’ve been studying spirituality for years and you’re feeling like there’s a lot more healing you could have, please consider joining one of my programs where we take out the mental and emotional clutter and focus on becoming miracle minded. It takes effort, but it’s SO worth it.

We’re worth it.

When we change our mind the whole world changes and now is the time for us to be focused on our intention to be a truly helpful, loving and transformative presence.

Friday is the start of my Stop Playing Small ONLINE retreat. It’s so much FUN and it brings lasting changes on all levels of our life because we’re doing the focused work of healing in the mind.

We’ve still got room for a few more folks if you’d like to join us. PLUS if you join right now you’ll get a $500 coupon for my Finding Freedom From Fear spiritual bootcamp.

Everything is based on truly living A Course in Miracles. Last year’s group made some powerful friends in addition to all the transformation. We’re a group of love bugs and we’re glad to be able to take this deep dive together. What could be more important?

We ARE on a mission from God, and we don’t have to do ANY of this on our own.

How blessed are we? SO blessed!

Our connection is a blessing to me, thank you!

If you’re interested in going a step further in taking out the mental trash and clearing the emotional clutter, I’ve got two programs available now that might be YOUR answered Prayer. Follow your intuition if you feel called.

Stop Playing Small Online Retreat starts FRIDAY, April 23rd

If you’d like support for making a shift from playing small in your heart, living in lack and limitation, getting in your own way, to living from Love and feeling more free and focused, check out my Stop Playing Small retreat – it’s online at the end of April – you’ve never had so much FUN clearing out the mental and emotional clutter! Let’s do this! Click here for more details.

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