Searching for Answered Prayer

April 12, 2021

Answered prayer is everywhere we go.

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A Course in Miracles has such potent teachings about how and why prayer works. One of the great pieces of clarity we can take away is that if we pray for something that would actually be painful for us, Spirit will be able to “process” our request and give us the perfect answer, but it may not be what we asked for.

For instance, if we’re asking Spirit for help to keep us getting fired from a job, but the job is actually not healthy for us, we just can’t see the possibility of a better job being available to us, the answered prayer would have to go deeper than the surface prayer request about not being fired.

What’s behind that prayer request to not get fired?

It could be different things for different people.

It could be about self-esteem. It would be a rough blow to us on our self-image if we got fired and we just can’t handle it. So, maybe our TRUE, hidden prayer request is for self-Love, and to let go of the false self-image of ourselves as being not good enough.

It could be about finances. Maybe we just don’t have enough money to make it through if we lose that paycheck. Maybe our TRUE, hidden prayer request is for being able to clear out all the grievances in our heart and false beliefs in our mind to make room on the altar of our being so that we can freely accept and allow the Prosperity and Abundance of the Universe to flow through our life.

It could be about proving ourselves to someone else. How many people are in a career because a parent thought that was best for them even though it wasn’t their heart’s desire? What if our TRUE, hidden prayer request is for the courage to follow our heart’s desire and know we’re worthy of it?

You see what I mean?

ACIM tells us that the Holy Spirit will not answer the prayer in a way that increases our fear.

In these possibilities I just outlined, it’s possible that if we didn’t get fired from the job we’d have far more fear, but think it was about something else. That wouldn’t be our answered prayer, would it?

Here’s a helpful passage about answered prayer from ACIM:

“The Bible emphasizes that all prayer is answered, and this is indeed true. The very fact that the Holy Spirit has been asked for anything will ensure a response. Yet it is equally certain that no response given by Him will ever be one that would increase fear. It is possible that His answer will not be heard. It is impossible, however, that it will be lost. There are many answers you have already received but have not yet heard. I assure you that they are waiting for you.” A Course in Miracles T-9.II.3.

I certainly have come to know that all of the answers to our prayers are being given, and we can learn to accept the answered prayer even if we don’t recognize it. We do this by realizing that EVERYTHING works together for our good and there are no exceptions.

In the ACIM workbook Jesus tells us that we don’t have a clue about what will make us happy so we should stop thinking that we do – it’ll make things a WHOLE lot easier.

I pray for the highest and best for everyone and that prayer is answered by my LIFE.

If we’re praying for things in this world we’re missing the point.

The answered prayer is for us to let go of the blocks to Love and be open to remembering the truth.

Let us pray to accept all the good we’ve already been given. Just think, our mind is aligned with the infinite! We are unlimited and unprecedented Love. These things have already been given to us. All we need do is accept them and enjoy them and see them in our brothers and sisters too!

I AM so glad and grateful we’re doing this together!

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    Eyes of Love
    Three Powerful Words That Change Everything
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