Selfish Motivations

April 15, 2021
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We’re energetic beings, spiraling up to the Light of our Spirit!

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Have you ever felt guilty because you thought you were living a selfish life and should do more to make the world a better place?

It’s very common for spiritual students to feel guilty about not doing more to improve the world’s conditions.  

My sense is that there are plenty of people that are very passive about bringing about world Peace and Harmony.  They have a sense that it’s too big for them to really get involved and they have a lot on their plate already, when in actuality they are just not that interested in getting involved – and there could be many reasons for that.

Others, feel guilty and that guilt really is a manifestation of  *  what A Course in Miracles calls the unconscious guilt that is showing up as all of our perceived problems.  So, even if we’re doing a fair amount, we’ll feel we SHOULD do more.  We’re judging ourselves because of the unconscious guilt.

And then there are the folks, I’ve known many, who are not happy with their lives.  They have a lot they complain about.  They’re truly struggling on many levels and they do next to nothing selflessly.  

If they give to friends and family in helpful supportive ways, it’s to alleviate their guilt and to get a sense of validation.  If they didn’t get those things in exchange for their service they wouldn’t bother.  It wouldn’t occur to them.

Looking at our motivations is a very deep spiritual practice.

Many of us have been raised that it’s foolish to give to others in a dog eat dog world.  This is one way the belief in separation is perpetuated generation after generation.  

Many feel it’s good to help your tribe – whatever that might be – your clan, your culture, but working for the environment, for all humanity, for people who don’t look like them or live near them, that’s not worthwhile.  

I find it such a helpful part of my spiritual practice to review my motivations for doing EVERYTHING I do.

After all, the quality of my life is less about what I do than why I do it.  

When we look at motivations we can discover very interesting insights that help us become more free and loving.

This is a great way to help remove the blocks to Love and bring more Joy into our experience!

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