Spreading Happiness

April 23, 2021
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Dogs are so good at spreading happiness.

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Today’s the start of my Stop Playing Small Retreat and I love it because we’re going to be undoing the blocks to Love and releasing the hidden splendor of our Spirit. It’s such a blessing to participate!

We’re actually sharing our happiness in the retreat.

Being willing and available to share happiness can be like a spiritual hobby.

It’s a kind of spiritual gardening. In our spiritual garden we can pull the weeds of our complaints and plant seeds of happiness.

In this world, even though we’re all one with each other, and part of the same dynamic Love Intelligence, we still can’t make anyone happy – not really. Others cannot make us happy either – although we often feel convinced they can – and we sure wish they would.

Happiness is our spiritual responsibility.

Our individual happiness ripples out and affects everyone in the world, most especially those who are closest to us.

It’s quite easy to get deluded into thinking someone or something outside of ourselves can make us happy, but happiness doesn’t really come until we give up that delusion.

We can SHARE happiness. Throughout our day we have the opportunity to be loving and supportive to others and we can take the opportunity, out of the generosity and givingness of our heart, and make the most of it. When we share happiness it makes our own heart even lighter.

If we’re open to it, and ask the Higher Holy Spirit Self, we’ll be guided to the ways we can share that will actually be helpful. I find that the very best ideas that come to me are always just that – ideas that come to me.

I recognize the difference between ideas that I have, and ideas that are given to me by the Higher Holy Spirit Self. They have very different energetics. Learning to recognize the difference is quite helpful. It’s as if the Higher Mind’s ideas are more clean, clear, shiny and sparkly.

I like to ask for ideas of how to be helpful, rather than just figure them out. Whenever I ask for guidance the quality of the idea is so much more enjoyable than the one I figured out.

It’s really very rewarding to plant seeds of future happiness for people without even letting them know what we’re doing or what we’ve done.

This is how Spirit operates – always planting seeds for our happiness.

And this is precisely why judging things as not good does not lead to happiness. The seeds have been planted, and the time for harvest is always now.

One of the primary ways to harvest is to share with others. As A Course in Miracles tells us: To have, give all to all.

To have Love, share Love.
To have happiness, share happiness.

Let’s put Spirit in charge and look for more ways to be generous of heart and share our happiness to increase it.

If you’re willing to have the courage to heal – we’re going for it – come with us! We have a couple of spots left.

Stop Playing Small Online Retreat starts TODAY

If you’d like support for making a shift from playing small in your heart, living in lack and limitation, getting in your own way, to living from Love and feeling more free and focused, check out my Stop Playing Small retreat – it’s online at the end of April – you’ve never had so much FUN clearing out the mental and emotional clutter! Let’s do this! Click here for more details.

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