Was I Ghosted?

April 18, 2021

Everything works together for our good!

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Ghosted is a word we’ve been hearing more of in the last year or few. Ghosting is something that’s been around forever, but the term applied to the behavior is new.

If you’re ghosted it means that someone you know stopped all communication with you suddenly, without explanation and, essentially, disappeared like a ghost.

Ghosting someone can be incredibly painful. It feels like abandonment, or punishment, and definitely it’s a rejection. No one likes to be rejected even if they’re glad to be rid of the person.

Ego’s fear rejection. It’s a kind of death blow to a person’s ego.

Yet, as I’m learning to see with Divine Vision, with God’s eyes, so to speak, I can see how often Spirit was at work in what I initially interpreted as a rejection.

In virtually every area of my life I’ve experienced rejection that, initially, felt quite hurtful, but then in hindsight I have a clear sense of having dodged a bullet.

Looking from the view of where I am now, I’m able to see that Spirit was absolutely supporting me by whisking that person away from me and out of my life.

I can think of men I had romantic relationships with, that I really cared about, and the relationship seemed to take a painful turn, but fortunately, as God would have it, they rejected me, thereby saving me a long period of frustration and hurt.

I saw them with the women that came after me and I was SO VERY GLAD that I had gotten out that relationship with barely a scratch.

I’ve had the same with colleagues who I thought were wonderful connections, serving Spirit right along side me, only to find out that they were self-serving, liars and they were playing me for a fool.

In my good-hearted nature I was supporting them and sharing with them for the greater good, only to find out they were using me and deceiving me. Fortunately, Spirit bounced them right out of my life, protecting me before I could experience more than just a quick lesson.

Over and over again in my life, I’ve been protected from long and protracted painful experiences because the person seems to have ghosted me.

Now, I clearly see that Spirit was in charge, leading, guiding, and protecting all of us for the highest and best of all.

It’s helped me to see that if someone turns away, walks away and it seems sudden and strange, it’s probably Spirit’s protection. I’ve learned not to fight the river of Love, and go with the flow.

I had to learn this in order to move through these lessons more quickly.

Knowing that all connections are eternal, but the human relationship might seem temporary in this world, I can let folks go and trust that we’ll be reunited in perfect timing. This was a difficult thing for me to learn because I had been seeing things through the lens of “something’s wrong with me” and that’s why “they’re rejecting me.”

Now, I can feel and know that all is well and I’ve been saved a boatload of heartache.

Seeing myself as not good enough, unlovable, wrong, bad, evil, and unworthy was all part of my playing small.

Imploding with anger and fear is a mental pattern based on false beliefs.

Feeling ripped off, rejected, disrespected and abandoned is a way of viewing the world that keeps it repeating because of false beliefs.

Experiencing life as confusing, difficult, hard, and a series of disappointments is the by-product of beliefs that simply aren’t true.

All of these patterns of thought and belief are emotionally stressful.

They have caused me a huge amount of distraction and detour that had me learning the truth in the most painful and stressful ways.

I finally came to see that the larger issue was that I was choosing to play small and live a limited life because I didn’t feel comfortable living in my true identity and feeling free to live the highest and best choices in my life.

I feared failure, but I was in constant failure because I was resisting doing what I felt called to do.

I worked diligently to eliminate the habits, patterns and beliefs that kept me playing small and that was SUPER challenging for me because I didn’t have a clear guide in this world.

Spirit did guide me, and I learned to follow and listen.

That has been my greatest learning.

I’m deeply grateful to have given up the torturous beliefs that had me playing small.

And that’s why it’s so important to me to support others who are interested in doing the same.

These habits, patterns and beliefs that keep us playing small have absolutely NO power whatsoever. WE have ALL the power because Love is the ONLY power and that is what we are.

When we’re willing to see the truth about our brothers and sisters we can realize it’s the truth about ourselves, and we’ll remember that we’re already free. We’re already as holy as holy can be.

Let’s eliminate all doubt of that.

Let’s find the Joy in this day!

When we’re the two or more gathered in the name and the nature of Love, we’re aligned with Spirit and our transformation is assured.

Now is the time for us to rise and shine to receive the seeds of divine inspiration!

Our lives have a holy purpose. We have a purpose to fulfill. We will be guided if we’re willing. In our willingness, the seeds of our joyous life are watered!

When we live our purpose, we automatically lift all those around us and inspire them to follow suit and our Joy increases.

We ARE on a mission from God, and we don’t have to do ANY of this on our own. How blessed are we? SO blessed!

Our connection is a blessing to me, thank you!

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