Beauty is Healing

May 12, 2021
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The Beauty of Light is inspiring, healing and nourishing to our soul!

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I remember hearing Dr. David Hawkins speak 15 years ago and someone asked him for advice on how to help the little children have a better life and he said “expose them to as much beauty as possible.”

I thought that was such clear truth.

Beauty is healing, it’s uplifting and it’s nourishing to the soul.

Beauty is everywhere to be found. We can find it in a hand carved wooden spoon. It can be in a piece of fabric, or jewelry in music or a flower. It’s everywhere.

It’s so helpful to us to acknowledge and seek out Beauty in this world because Beauty is a spiritual quality. It’s an aspect of our spiritual nature and when we appreciate the manifestations of Beauty in this world and acknowledge them we’re also acknowledging part of our divine nature. That’s healing to us.

Stopping to smell the roses is part of this Beauty recognition program that life offers us.

I love to look at the way light plays on things. Beautiful lamps, sunlight, refracted light – it inspires me. I love the way photographers and painters can capture the Beauty of Light.

Taking time to acknowledge the Beauty in life can be part of our spiritual practice.

Spiritual practice saves time because it’s healing.

Let’s invest in recognizing Beauty in order to be a healing presence in our lives!

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