How To Stop Fear, Worry & Anxiety, Part 3

May 27, 2021
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When we give up attack, it’s like starting over with a celebration!

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Today, I share how we’re attacking God and we don’t even realize it.

In my daily shot of Spiritual Espresso yesterday, I shared part 2 of this 3 part series on How to Stop Fear, Worry & Anxiety.  

“When you are fearful, you have chosen wrongly.” A Course in Miracles

The cause of fear is a wrong choice, that’s what ACIM is telling us.

For the untrained mind, fear is inevitable because we’re all making many thousands, yes THOUSANDS, of choices a day and if our mind isn’t trained to recognize the choices that are wrong-minded, we’ll just keep habitually choosing the same fear thoughts again and again – right? 

Haven’t we all proven that? I certainly have.

All judgments are attack thoughts that keep the belief in separation and that feeling of separation going. Judgments are fearful thoughts.

When we judge we bear false witness.

When we judge we attack.

There’s only one life, there’s only God.

When we judge we attack God – there’s no one, and nothing else to attack.

When we withhold Love it’s an attack on God.

If we’re attacking God we will continue to live in fear.

Judgments are really the root of all fears.

It might SEEM as though you’re afraid because you don’t think you have enough money, and that if you can’t pay your bills you’ll suffer. However, that’s only the appearance.

Don’t be fooled by appearances.

It might feel like you’re afraid because you are sick and tired and don’t know how to have a healing, but that’s only the appearance.

Fear indicates: You have been fooled by appearances.

You might believe you’re afraid because your relationships aren’t working, and you don’t know how to have happy, harmonious and loving relationships, but that’s only the appearance.

Appearances are deceiving.

In order to see the truth  you have to be willing.

SINCERELY willing.

Healing the habit of attack thoughts isn’t easy, but it’s FAR EASIER than living in fear.

But you wouldn’t know that if you’ve always lived in fear.

That’s why I’m going to offer you gift of a class where I share some simple practical tips and tools that have worked for me, so you can interrupt those patterns of fear and attack and make new choices, creating new habits that support the life you desire.

Stay tuned, I’ll send that gift to you tomorrow.

It might seem impossible, but I’ve really MOSTLY let go of the habit of attack and the fear that comes after it like a boomerang.   I’ve helped many people learn to do this too.

Here’s the good news:

“No one can fail who seeks to reach the truth.”

That’s Lesson 131 in A Course in Miracles

You cannot fail if you’re sincerely willing to live a loving life

– you don’t have to be there already.

– start where you are.

All our previous failures are just evidence of our lack of sincerity.

Let’s not be fooled by appearances.

If you’re sincerely willing to live without fear, you cannot fail.

It’s the Truth.

Now, will you prove it?

Once you prove it to yourself, there’s no going back!

If you’re living in fear and you would like to change that, seek nurturing – and I’ve got a program for that.

Finding Freedom From Fear Spiritual Bootcamp with ACIM Principles Starts in June 6!

Don’t delay your happiness. If you’re ready to make a change, and you’d like some REAL support to make a LASTING change, make a self-loving choice!

If you’re interested in my Finding Freedom From Fear Online Spiritual Bootcamp, but you aren’t sure if it’s right for you right now, book an Exploratory Call with one of our spiritual counselors. The call is free and you’ll find benefit in addition to getting all your questions answered. Click here now to book an Exploratory Call with a Spiritual Counselor.

Finding Freedom from Fear is not your usual class – it’s SO MUCH more! That’s why it’s a bootcamp!

Trust your intuition. If you’ve been thinking about doing my Finding Freedom From Fear Bootcamp for a while, but just haven’t been ready, consider booking an exploratory call with one of the spiritual counselors. They can answer all your questions and you’ll know what’s best for you.

If this is right for you right now, you’ll know it. Follow your own inner guidance.

TODAY is my Sacred Circle day and I LOVE it! This is my monthly membership program that gives you a weekly call of group spiritual counseling with me. Join my Sacred Circle and you can ask me any question you would like on the phone, on line or in writing! I love it! We have an awesome group of people who are doing the deep work! Try my Sacred Circle for a month and see! 4 spiritual counseling calls with me each month - ask me any question! Join me live or get the download later.

I enjoy offering daily writing and prayer. It’s a gift to me to be able to share. You can help me by sharing and commenting on social media. So many are looking for inspiration - let’s be a support to those who are searching! Thank you for caring and sharing!

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