Letting Go of Sadness

May 13, 2021
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Let’s release the weight of our opinions and rise up in Love!

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Last year several people who are dear to me made their transition and shuffled off the mortal coil.  They weren’t old.  I would’ve hoped they’d have lived decades more.

I did feel sad to hear they’d passed.  Particularly one who had taken his own life and left behind a young son.  

I’ve come to realize that the emotion of sadness stems from a judgment that “this SHOULD not be.”

A Course in Miracles would tell us “this NEED not be” about feeling sad.

Referring to those who feel sad, ACIM says, “And they look out in sorrow from what is sad within, and see the sadness there.”

That feeling of sadness comes from thinking things could be or should be different and it’s the judgment about the situation that brings that feeling of sadness.

I have felt deeply sad, and kept it going for quite a while.  I didn’t let myself really truly recognize it, but I was doing just what ACIM says:  I was judging that things should be different and then turning that into a belief in loss.  I believed I’d lost what had never actually been, but what I believed COULD have been.  It was the shoulda, woulda, coulda’s that was bringing me down.

My sadness was of my own making.

I wanted to feel a loss when there was none.  I wanted to feel sad, like a victim.  Poor me.

If I’d been willing to see it correctly, I’d be able to at least sense that there was a divine plan, even if it was beyond my understanding.

In my case, it was easier to feel sad than to choose Love, and rise above.  

Do you carry sadness?  Are you willing to let go of the root cause, which is a misperception and a projection?  Let’s do it together.  Today’s the day!

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