Love’s Adventure

May 3, 2021

We’ve got a big fat yes to LOVE!

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I’m amazed at how we can get talked into playing small and living in lack and limitation.

For many of us, we can make a decision in the blink of an eye that we’re not good enough, that we’re not smart enough or pretty enough or tall enough and then that decision will determine and shape important aspects of our life until we’re willing to let it go.

But first, we have to realize what we’ve chosen.

In my life, I’ve chosen to live in limitation because it felt more comfortable to me than moving into uncharted territory.

While, at the very same time, I’m thinking that I yearn for adventures.

That’s right, all the while I’m yearning for adventures, I’m afraid to try new things simply because they’re new and it might require something of me that I don’t have.

I said last week that from this point forward constant change is the new normal.

We’re on an adventure and it’s not going to slow down or stop.

It’s full on.

In any area of our life where we’re hiding out, we’re going to be called out, by Spirit.

Anything we feel a strong desire to do is probably something we’re designed to do. It’s helpful to acknowledge where Spirit is pointing, pulling and sending us. We’ve got work to do!

I pray that all the Lightworkers of the world give up their resistance and simply say yes to Love’s adventure!

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    My Birthday Prayer 2022
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