My Confession

May 6, 2021

Love heals our hearts and minds of lack of Love.

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Here’s my confession:  I’m not a healer.  

Well, that’s not entirely true.  I AM a healer, but only for one person, and that’s me, myself and I.

I can heal myself, and I cannot heal you.  

However, I can support you in healing yourself.

Our healing requires our willingness and I can support your willingness, as you can support mine, but we cannot be willing on each other’s behalf.

When I began doing this healing work on myself, I felt quite dysfunctional.  

Of course I felt dysfunctional – 

I wasn’t fulfilling my function as a miracle worker!

Now, check this out:  

Even though I was teaching classes, leading workshops and retreats, I still felt quite dysfunctional.  I kept it hidden.  I knew that dysfunction wasn’t very spiritual.

I was ashamed of my dysfunction and OF COURSE I didn’t want anyone to know.  I put up a good front.  I hid it well, but that didn’t help me.  It just delayed my healing.  I meet a lot of folks who’re doing what I did.  Hiding.  Pretending.

Now, I’m willing to admit that I’m still working on things.  I’ve still got issues.  Being able to admit that feels pretty darn functional to me.

Now, I don’t feel any shame around my issues.  And what’s been so beautiful for me is that after more than 20 years as a spiritual counselor I’ve learned to see, really SEE the absolute perfection, wholeness and beauty in the people I get to work with.

So, when people tell me about their experience of dysfunction I’m not shocked or judgmental.  

Everyone has their stuff and some people’s stuff seems stickier than others.  We’re on the same journey, but it may look quite different from person to person.

I feel it’s SO important to stop judging where we are in our journey and to stop judging our stuff.


If we didn’t, we probably would be on a different planet having a different experience.

I think this human journey is, quite literally, AWESOME!  

I say it’s awesome even though there are many times when it feels like a giant, smoking pile of hot bull turd.  It’s still awesome.  

We can get to that feeling of awesome.  We really can and that’s what I’m interested in.  Because when we get there, that’s when we can be TRULY HELPFUL and that’s the ONLY reason we’re here.

I’ve been so blessed lately.  Things at the Power of Love Ministry are COOKING.  People have been telling me all about their life-changing breakthroughs they’re having in our programs.  That’s what we’re all about.  We LOVE really, truly doing the deep work, doing it together, remembering to laugh, and then turning around and supporting the person who’s coming up right behind us.  It’s a continuous field of blessing.

You’re most welcome to join us.  Depression Demolition starts May 16 and my Finding Freedom From Fear Spiritual Bootcamp starts at the beginning of June.  We’re rocking our healing and we’d love to have your company!

SUNDAY:  I’m speaking at Sundays With Spirit for Mother’s Day on Sunday!  All are welcome.

Depression Demolition Program starts May 16

If you’d like support for making a shift from depression, anger and anxiety, check out my Depression Demolition program – This is a 9 week program to help you heal the root causes of depression so you can find real relief. With real support, healing is so much easier.   We’ll take it one day at a time.  Click here for more details.  NOTE:  There are only 17 spaces left.

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