Patience Leads to Love

May 14, 2021

Long deep breaths are the tool of the master and the beginner. All can practice with great results.

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Little things mean a lot. Little choices to be patient, kind and generous of heart have, quite literally, transformed my life.

It began with my practicing patience with myself. I guess I could also call it self-compassion. I used to be very hard on myself, as many of us are. That doesn’t help. It’s like adding injury to insult.

Patience and kindness come from our heart. They’re expressions of Love.

Love heals and transforms.

It’s that simple.

I learned to look for the opportunities to be truly patient. Choosing to be patient and kind instead of annoyed and frustrated is a life-changing choice.

Making that choice even just once or twice a day shifts the trajectory of our lives. Each day contains many opportunities like this, and we can make a lot of them. Before we know it – we’re on a different path.

Sometimes people don’t believe me. They go on their way, complaining, judging, frustrated and annoyed for years, but then something will happen and they’ll find the willingness to choose a better way.

Love is the better way.

Patience leads to Love.

This is SUCH a great habit to get into.

When we choose patience, before we know it, we’re on a path of liberation!

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