May 1, 2021

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Have you ever punished yourself because you were mad at someone else?  I have.  

That’s so crazy.  Still, people do it all the time.  It is absolute insanity and yet, when we’re not In our right mind, things that don’t make sense seem to make sense.

In recent years many people have been drawn into negative thinking and patterns of disconnect from the flow of Love.  For some it’s resulted in sadness and depression. 

Old hurts and false beliefs are coming up to be healed. 

A Course in Miracles helps us to understand how to turn depression around:  “When you are sad, know this need not be. Depression comes from a sense of being deprived of something you want and do not have. Remember that you are deprived of nothing except by your own decisions, and then decide otherwise.” (Chapter 14, Section IV, This Need Not Be – Paragraph 5)

It can seem that the world has got us into that state of lack and limitation.
It can seem that things are being taken from us.
It can seem that what we want we do not have, cannot have, and will never have.

Appearances are symbolic of our beliefs.

Let us heal the mind that believes in lack by identifying with our spiritual identity – which lacks in nothing.

We are the Light of the world – even when we’re focused on darkness, our true identity is still intact.

I AM that great I AM. I AM the light. I AM the Love. 

If you’re feeling depressed, there’s nothing wrong with YOU.  

Your Spirit is still intact and perfect.

You are not your thoughts and emotions.  Feelings and thoughts are temporary.  YOU are eternal.

If you’re feeling far from being light and love, know that it is your willingness to choose a different thought that is your healer.

Your willingness to choose a loving thought is Self-Love and Love is the healer of all false appearances.   

You can always count your blessings and lift your vibration.  Love and gratitude is the spiritual practice that heals our heart and clears our mind of illusions.

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