Unlock the Door

May 4, 2021
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Love is the open door.

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Sometimes it feels like we’re so far away from where we’d like to be that we feel overwhelmed.  It can feel as though its impossible.  Especially when there’s a combination of things, such as illness, debt, depression, relationship challenge, loss of a loved one, and even more.  Some people seem to have all of them at once.  

In those times of overwhelm, when it seems like anything and everything is working against us, that’s a time of great opportunity.  It REALLY IS for our good.  

I cannot emphasize this enough: When we’re willing, in the time of greatest challenge, Spirit can move a mountain if we ALLOW it.  We DO have to be a very willing participant, but we, ourselves, do not have to move the mountain.  

However, without our allowing and calling it forth, the mountain will not be moved.  And this is where I’ve seen people transform their lives.  With TRUE and genuine willingness

I used to feel stuck and overwhelmed by how I felt about my life and my self.  I didn’t see how I could ever make the changes that I wanted made.  It felt like too big a mountain to me.  

At that time, I was daily struck down by my failures and seeming incompetencies.

I was surviving, but that wasn’t enough for me, I wanted more and I couldn’t figure out how to unlock the door.

True spiritual growth felt so elusive to me.  

I felt discouraged.

It felt so hard.

That’s when I learned the amazing power of a true desire to know Spirit.  I decided to put ALL of my focus and attention in my life on looking for the opportunities to be loving and kind to myself and others.  I decided to find the way to God through being aligned with Spirit through the activity of being loving and BECOMING willing to let go of my unloving thoughts.  

I became vigilant for becoming willing by being willing to be willing to be willing.  It really worked for me.

But it wasn’t EASY.  I had to overcome my resistance.

I became willing to GIVE to the Higher Holy Spirit Self everything that didn’t serve me.  I didn’t know how to take out the trash in my mind, but I did learn how to give it away.  

The miracle is, what doesn’t serve us, that we’re willing to let go of, Spirit will take from us.  Spirit WILL do the heavy lifting.  And that makes it so much easier.   

Instead of trying to figure out how to move the mountain, ask Spirit and then ALLOW it to be done.

Focus on our willingness to let the past go.

Focus on our willingness to look for and make the loving choices.

God can move the mountain, but only if we’re willing.  Only if WE are willing will it work.

Let’s quit complaining, criticizing and manipulating.  

Look for opportunities to demonstrate your willingness to let it go.

It works!

And it’s so much easier than trying to figure out how to let it go.  

Focus on the willingness and Spirit will do the heavy lifting.

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