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May 15, 2021

We’re moving towards Joy and sunshine!

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I’m so excited for what’s possible now.  I feel there’s this tremendous energetic that is pushing everyone and everything towards healing how we look at things.

It seems like Life will not let us cling to illusions in a numb and dumb state anymore.

That’s a thing of the past and we need to accept it.  

We can no longer be comfortable being uncomfortable.  That time is over.

Now, is the time for us to take notice, move forward, to take action, to take a stand and declare our intentions.

We know where we’d like to go – to living in Joy and sunshine.

Just because we don’t know the way there doesn’t mean we cannot get there.

Think of the great explorers who travelled this earth, making charts and maps and discovering what was “out there.” Now, we’re doing that in consciousness.

It’s not just for special people anymore.

We’re the ones.  It’s happening now.

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