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Accepting the Blessings

Some things go well, and some things don’t.  I recently bought some shoes from a company that turned out to be a scam.  The shoes were damaged and very cheaply made.  They didn’t fit well.  The shoes they sent didn’t look like the ones in the pictures on the site.

I decided to return them for a refund and they will only pay 15% of the purchase price and I have to pay to ship them back.  I don’t need to get mad at them or be angry about it.  Stuff happens.  I will report them as a scam to places that list such things.  I will notify my credit card company of their ruse and see if I can get them to do something. 

And I can do all that with ease, grace and Love in my heart [1].  

Also I recently bought a mini-fridge to help hold all the beautiful vegetables I’ve been getting from the local farm.  I also buy large quantities of celery to juice each day and so I indulged in the mini-fridge.  When it was delivered and unpacked it turned out to be dented on the front quite significantly.  

I called Home Depot to return it.  They’re picking it up.  I don’t have to pack it.  They’re giving [2] me 10% off the replacement price.  All of that was negotiated through text messages that took about 2 hours of back and forth.  A bit laborious, but easy enough to accomplish.  I didn’t need to get frustrated or annoyed or bothered by any of it.  It all worked out and I stayed in Peace [3], ease and grace.

Stuff happens, again and again.  Some of it goes well, some of it does not.  For me, the question is, can I remain in Peace or do I get triggered into believing I’m not supported by the Universe?

Just because the shoes didn’t go well doesn’t mean I’m not supported by the universe.

I do not know what anything is for.

Yet, I can still trust that it’s working together for my good.  Perhaps my credit card company will give me a full refund and I can donate [4] the shoes and someone will get benefit from them.

No matter what occurs, I prefer to know I’m blessed than believe, falsely, that I am not blessed.

There are blessings all day every day and I am choosing to experience them and recognize them.  

All are blessed!

Let us know it, see it, and feel it despite any idea to the contrary!

SUNDAY: Father’s Day is coming this weekend and my father is joining [5] us at Sundays With Spirit [6]. You can join us too! I’ve asked my Dad to be willing to have people ask him questions, so if you’ve got one, bring it!