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Angelic Assistance

Friends are staying with me for a week and they arrived yesterday. One of them wears glasses and they disappeared. This is someone who pretty much wears glasses all the time. She can’t really see without them.

Losing your glasses can be a bummer.

Losing your glasses when you’re traveling is an even bigger bummer.

We had just driven an hour to get home from where I picked them up.

We looked everywhere we could think of and didn’t find them.

I said, “let’s ask the angels to tell us where they are.” I knew they would.

Five minutes later my friend says, “I found them!”

They had fallen down under something that made it difficult to see them. Of course.

The angels are so wonderfully helpful.

We can ask them for all manner of help and inspiration, but I find it’s best stick to things like getting clear insight, recognizing the highest and best choices, and finding things.

They love to help and we can ask them for more assistance.

If we don’t know what to ask for, we can ask them what to ask for and they’ll let us know!

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