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June 19, 2021

Let’s begin today.

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I used to teach classes in creativity.  During one of them a dozen years ago I painted a watercolor that says: 

“My life is God’s Work of art!”

Have you ever thought of your life as a work of art?  What would it mean to you if you were to look at your own life through a more artistic lens?  

How could you get more creative in your approach to life?

We’re often clear about what inspires us the most – and so often we label it “out of reach.”    We feel we don’t have what it takes to “make it happen.”

We may not – but Spirit does.

What about the little things that inspire you?  

Is there a way to bring them more into your reach?

For me the most important thing is dedicating time to be still and to allow myself to connect to the source of ALL creativity.

I love contemplative meditation.  Simply sitting and quietly opening my heart to love, allowing inspiration to flow.  It definitely takes practice to learn to open the mind to the flow without trying to control or manage it.  So worthwhile too!  

I am inspired by beauty of all kinds.  It could be a beautiful piece of fabric or a beautiful sound that a bird makes.  Beauty feels so deeply nourishing to me that I really make an effort to have beauty all around me.  I make the effort to acknowledge beauty when I see it, hear it or feel it.  

And YES, I do stop to smell the roses – literally – on a regular basis.  I think the roses appreciate being appreciated!!

I have many beautiful plants in my home and I enjoy telling them how beautiful they are.  I notice they stay in bloom for months and I think it’s because they feel so valued.

An artist usually needs a number of supplies and tools to create a work of art.

For me, these beautiful aspects of my life are part of the artistry of my life.  I feel creative expression when I think about moving a decorative object from one place to another, or even adjusting the lighting.  It’s all part of the canvas of God’s life AS my life.

Beauty is healing.

Creativity is restorative.

We can energize these spiritual qualities in our life if we choose.  They work wonders!

SUNDAY: Father’s Day is coming this weekend and my father is joining us at Sundays With Spirit. You can join us too! I’ve asked my Dad to be willing to have people ask him questions, so if you’ve got one, bring it!

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