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Don’t Give Up!

The temptation [1] to give up can be so very strong.  We can easily get overwhelmed [2] into feeling that there’s no way we can succeed.  I used to have that FREQUENTLY.

Once I began to truly rely upon Spirit, that went away. I stopped having that sense of failure and feeling tempted to just give up.

Isn’t that interesting?

My sense of failure disappeared when I began to truly rely upon Spirit to guide me.  

I began to feel truly successful. 

Ego would tell us that success [3] is something entirely different than the feeling of Peace [4] I now enjoy.  To the ego thought system, Peace is conditional and comes from being able to arrange life to our satisfaction.

In truth [5], Peace is part of our true identity, it’s our inheritance from our heavenly source.  Peace isn’t something we can get, but it is something we can BE.

I can honestly say that the only way I can truly succeed is if I follow my guidance and am willing to say YES to Spirit.

What inspiration have you been doubting?

Let’s decide to be a spiritual success and see where Spirit leads us!