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Father’s Day Healing

There were times when I was growing up when it was very difficult between me and my Dad. Same with me and my Mom or me and my parents [1] in general. It wasn’t always [2] tough times, but sometimes it was really rough.

We’ve come through that and it’s completely in the past now.

This is one of the reasons I’m so dedicated to sharing what I’ve learned about forgiveness.

There’s so much misunderstanding about forgiveness, even in the A Course in Miracles community.

Forgiveness is much more than words. Words are not forgiveness.

Forgiveness is when we release our attachment to the meaning we made of the past and we surrender to Spirit the interpretations of the past. That’s when the healing happens.

It’s a change of heart [3].

It’s not about forgiving someone else. It’s about forgiving ourselves.

That’s what I did.
That’s why it worked.

Relationships aren’t easy.
We work out our stuff in our relationships.
That’s really challenging.

And when the Love is there, we can get through it. And be better for it.

Everyone has issues with their parents.
Everyone has issues with their children.
Everyone has issues with themselves.

We have issues and they can be healed, when we do the real work. That’s what interests me.

It’s SOOOO worth it.
Words cannot express how grateful I am that true forgiveness really works! Freedom [4] is possible!

TODAY My father is going to join us at Sundays With Spirit [5] for Father’s Day. Please plan to come and join us! I told my Dad that I’d love for people to be able to ask him questions [6]!

How cool is that?

I don’t know what we’ll talk about or how it will go – but let’s have fun together!

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