Great Souls

June 26, 2021
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We can unleash our great souls and experience spiritual maturity.

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Many days I spend more time at work than anything else. I find I am often thinking of work related things even when I’m not working. Work takes a large part of the thought and energy that I have to give in a day or a week or a year.

I work with an attitude. That attitude is determined by my aspiration. As part of my practice of nonviolence I stop and consider “to what am I devoting so much of my precious life energy to?”

In THE PATHWAY OF ROSES, Christian D. Larson writes, “Do not work for yourself; work for the great idea that stands at the apex of your greatest purpose. The greater idea for which you work, the greater will be your work … When you begin to live and work for a great purpose, you get into the current of great forces, great minds, great souls. You gain from every source; all the powerful lives in the world will work with you; you become a living part of the movement in the world that determines the greater destiny of man; you become one of the chief elements upon which will depend the future of countless generations yet to be …”

Certainly, Gandhi and King have taught us that one person has the power to change the destiny of the entire human race. I do this by simply shifting my intention. My aspiration is akin to the trajectory of a rocket. Shift that trajectory one degree and I have a new destination.

I commit to work for a greater revelation of LOVE.

I am in league with all of the great minds, the great souls who have ever lived.

My aspiration is to work with great purpose, great love and great joy.

My work is part of my daily focus on nonviolence.

My work benefits all beings because I work as an expression of Divine Love.

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