Recovering From Deep Wounding

June 29, 2021

Like every flower that ever was, we are uniquely perfect!

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One of the things I’ve seen in myself is that I can get attached to seeing myself as the wounded one.

I did that for years, not realizing how much it was preventing me from moving ahead.

Simultaneously, I was experiencing this sense that there was a “glass ceiling” in my spiritual growth and development.  I didn’t know what it was or what was causing it.  I felt so frustrated!

I concluded – based on the “false evidence appearing real,” that there was just something wrong with me and I wasn’t worthy of the spiritual expansion that I desired.  I didn’t KNOW that to be true – but it fit my picture of myself and of life.

What I’m so grateful for is that when we’re willing to know the truth it’s revealed to us and we can completely let go of the meaning we’ve made of the past.

Profound healing is available to us if we’re willing to give up our attachments to seeing ourselves as wounded.

How do we accomplish this?  We allow.

We allow Spirit to lead, guide and direct us.

Now is the time of our liberation.  NOW.  This now.  

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    I AM the Answered Prayer
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