Stormy Weather

June 27, 2021

We can let the storm clear the patterns that do not serve us anymore!

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Gosh this week has been edgy, hasn’t it? I’ve been checking in with the folks who are in my programs and they have all pretty much said they felt too.

Look, we’re all one, all sharing the same mind, and sometimes the whole human race just feels very intense and, well, frankly, uncomfortable, not fun.

I noticed this past week I felt a bit more vulnerable and irritable than I normally do.

I could feel that very old mental patterns were coming up into my awareness so that I would choose healing – and I did.

I like to report on what I think of as the “energetic weather.”

I tell folks when I notice something like this going on so that people don’t think it’s just them and they’re having a “bad week.”

It’s not a bad week when there’s healing happening.

Sometimes when there’s deep and intense healing occurring it can feel SUPER challenging. Yet, if we know what’s going on is healing – that it’s not something we’re doing WRONG – it’s actually something we’re doing right – that’s soooo helpful.

When we’re ego identified, we can get thrown off balance so easily.

When we’re upset, that’s the perfect time to focus on having healing.

It’s as though the thought patterns and beliefs are truly RIPE for healing.

Let’s not miss the opportunity.

Instead, let’s remember that we are divinely guided, led and directed IF we’re willing to be receptive to the inspiration. These are actually the opportunities we’ve been waiting for – we’ve called them forth.

When we choose to let go of the old patterns of pain we’ll feel so much more peaceful. Let’s not delay another minute.

Personally, I find that these times can be like moving through a storm that, ultimately, blows away the pollution in our mind. I lived in Los Angeles for 22 years. L.A. is famous for it’s smog. I always loved being able to go out for a walk up Mt. Olympus in my neighborhood and to see out over the city after a big rainstorm had blown away the smog and left everything clean and pristine.

The same thing is happening in our hearts and minds. Let’s do the deep work together and let the past go – for the benefit of all beings.

It takes courage, and we can always go to the Higher Holy Spirit for that. Now is the perfect time for our healing. Today is the day. Here come the blessings!

TODAY, SUNDAY: My Parenting With Spirit classes begins today, SUNDAY, June 27th. My first class in the series is on dealing with angry, argumentative, and difficult children. If this is something you’d like help with – please click here now to learn more!

ALSO, TODAY Nouk Sanchez and Coreen Walson are going to join us at Sundays With Spirit today. We’ve got a wonderful service planned for you, please join us!

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    I AM the Answered Prayer
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