The Other Side of the Rainbow

June 25, 2021

Our prayers bring miraculous shifts in consciousness.

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In case you didn’t notice, and I’m sure you did, the “energy” in this world this week has been intense.  I thought it might clear with the full moon today, but it hasn’t yet.

I can tell you how I’m experiencing it and what others are telling me too.  There’s a sense of agitation or irritation that’s present in the field.  Old thought patterns, habits and beliefs are coming up for healing.

It feels like old stuff.  A bit like tar might feel.  Sticky.  Icky.

We have the strength, the inner fortitude to hand it UP to Spirit for healing and to let it go FOREVER!

That’s what I’m feeling.

Just beyond this icky sticky time, I feel a deep Joy coming our way.

I think that for some folks, the grief about all of the things that we seem to have lost, personally, in this pandemic is catching up with them.

There was a greater loss, on so many levels, for many people, than we’ve ever seen in our lifetimes.  And yet for other people it was just an inconvenience while they got a WHOLE LOT richer.  

The polarity has been unlike anything we’ve seen in a long time.  

The polarity emphasizes and exaggerates the sense of duality we’re all experiencing.

Are we willing to see that all is one?

Are we willing to recognize that if one prospers at the expense of another we will experience the same amount of suffering – or more – than those we’ve taken advantage o?

Let’s not just push through this time, let’s do the deep work of forgiving ourselves for whatever we’ve been deluding ourselves about and move onward and upward into the Light.

Let’s get to the other side of the rainbow where we belong!

SUNDAY:   Parenting With Spirit classes begin this Sunday.  In a world where so many children have anxiety, and even teens can be on anti-depressants, let’s find the methods to anchor our families in the Love of God.  

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    I AM the Answered Prayer
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