June 14, 2021

Lotus is a beautiful symbol of harmony!

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This year I’ve had the same topic come up a number of times. It’s about TO DO lists.

Specifically, it’s about what I call the “tyranny of the to do list.”

People who have a to do list, usually, in my experience, find that at the end of the day they have let themselves down by not accomplishing more on their to do list. This disappointment comes no matter how much they accomplish in a day.

Isn’t that just like the ego?

No matter how much we accomplish it’s not enough.

My suggestion has been to give up the to do list and focus on a TO BE list.

Be patient, kind, loving, generous, peaceful, harmonious, etc. instead of trying to do things. Focus on the BE-ing and have a MUCH better day because of it.

When we’re happier we are more in touch with intuition and that helps to accomplish a lot more.

Still, it’s important to remember that no matter how much we accomplish the ego mindset is to find us lacking, so why listen to that?

Who needs a bully?
Even if it means we get a lot done, it’s still not helpful.

The folks I know who have gotten a ton done are not happier than the people who don’t get so much accomplished.

The greatest gift we can give to all is to be harmonious and loving.

For myself, being harmonious and loving I don’t waste a lot of energy being upset and arguing with people. Life is fulfilling and I can find Joy.

Let’s focus on how we’d like to feel and how we’d like to BE. It changes everything!

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    My Birthday Prayer 2022
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