Trust In the Unseen

June 9, 2021

Faith and a good cup of coffee is a great way to being my day!

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When I first started seeing clients as a spiritual counselor I used to get frightened that I wouldn’t be able to help my clients. I worried that I didn’t have the insight, wisdom or experience to be able to support them in their time of need.

Because I felt ill-equipped from my personal experience, I HAD to reply on Spirit to tell me what I needed to know. I relied on Spirit to give me the questions to ask, and to learn how to interpret what my intuition was giving me.

It was a deeply healing experience for me because I was in a situation where I had to learn to trust Spirit and rely up on the unseen. It taught me so much.

I discovered that I really could rely upon God. That was a great learning. I never had a session with a client where I felt that Spirit left me hanging out to dry. I always got what was needed.

Learning to trust changed me.

And that’s why my programs are designed to encourage people to learn how to trust.

We can say we have faith, but when we prove it, it awakens something in us. That something is a knowing. Deep down, we all have a great knowing of our true identity and what this world is for.

We access that deep knowing through trust.

Where is Spirit calling you to trust and yet you still doubt?

Use that as an opportunity to transform your life.

Trust Love, not people. I place my faith in God. I stand on the rock.

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    My Birthday Prayer 2022
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