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Upset and Choices

Happy [1] new moon solar eclipse aftermath.  I am feeling refreshed from whatever energetic is moving through and a new moon is a great time to set new intentions.  Let’s start with a helpful [2] decision [3].

There are quite a number of decisions we can make, and choices we can make that will absolutely change our lives and one of the most valuable is to make a decision to stop taking things personally.  

Most things that people take personally aren’t meant personally AT ALL.  

When it seems personal – even when it’s a direct attack – it just means the person isn’t in their right mind and isn’t thinking clearly.  It’s about their state of mind, not mine.

I used to be a real queen at taking offense.

And what did it get me?

Upset [4].  Lots and lots of upset.

I believe that because I was in such denial of my true feelings [5], upset was one way to feel like I was alive.

Plus if I was upset AT someone, and I could bother them with my upset, then I could feel, briefly, that I had some power.  I had the power to bother people and share my upset.

Ugh.  Not a good use of my life force.

However, now, I take very little personally, and when I do, I can feel how icky it feels and that’s a reminder to go the other way.

Now, my upsets are working for me.

It’s my different perspective.

I used to justify my upsets.

Now I nullify the upsets.

I thank God that I can make a choice, and that I have the wisdom to know that I have choices!

The whole point of duality is to be able to see and make choices and discover what the difference is.  Let’s pay attention to that and give thanks for the opportunity!